Cathletic’s first duathlon! *yeahboi*

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Result was nothing impressive.  In fact, I was a bigtime laggard (with a capital L!) and it was a testament of how much my kuya and my boyfriend love me — they did not deny me!, thankheavens (relief).

But as in my past bleak race performances (well, if you think about it, I actually can count in only one hand those races I can call ‘pretty good ones with nice finish times’, hehe!), nothing can destroy Cathletic’s spirit.  I finished my first duathlon at SBR Duaman with a genuine proud smile.

Dude, the truth of the matter is — I freakin’ survived it. And weeks before that, I’ve been scared like hell thinking I’d cross the finish line with bruises and cuts and blood and broken limbs!! Okay, enough now, I’m exaggerating, hahaha.  But I was really afraid days prior to the race.  To summarize my fears: takot ako sumemplang sa bike!  Nevertheless, thank God and thank you to all my prayer warriors (yes, I asked friends and families to pray for my safety during the race), I survived it bruise-free and totally well!


Cathletic in Duaman finisher shirt and medal. *High five!*


SBR’s Duaman was the perfect venue for newbies and feeling-newbies, because at least for my case, I did not feel too intimidated.  There were a handful elites, a good number of intermediate athletes, and A LOT of first-timers.  In fact, quite a number competed with their MTBs (they’re at a disadvantage of course, compared with those on their road bikes and tri bikes), AND,.. folding bikes even!  In short, it’s a halo-halo in there, which made the event really cool — except that, as I’ve said, I was a bigtime laggard, Grr!  And that’s because I took at least four Snickers break.


I don’t blame these babies.


Yup, you got that right — Snickers the chocolate!  That was my chosen weapon in conquering my first ever duathlon.  And by Snickers break, I meant deliberately stopping at a shady area for a good 5-10 minutes to take a bite from my Snickers baon, chew it slowly, drink some water to remove the uber sweet taste from my tongue, then take another bite, chew it very well, sip water again..  — and all these Snickers breaks happen while all the other cyclists pass me by with a curious stare, ‘Is that girl even part of the race?..’  HAHAHA!!  Sorry, folks.  Thing is, I’m too scared to suddenly run low of sugar in my blood, as I knew how weird it felt to instantly feel weak and grow near-fainting after a run-and-bike workout.  But Matt is right, it’s time to learn how to take sports gels during races.  I should!  I should quit looking stupid during races, hahaha!

And another happy part of surviving my first duathlon is being able to take the same challenge with my Kuya Boboy, whose finish time is half of mine, LOL!!  I’m supporting this guy’s entry to Ironman Cebu next year if he decides to go for it.  Man, the talent.. makes me sick thinking why my brothers are darn fast, while I… (Okay, Cathletic, quit it!  It really doesn’t suit me to put on that self-pity mode, hahaha!).


With my kuya Boboy, and yes my bike’s bigger and taller than his — significantly, LOL.



Nice to finally race with Greenhills Tri teammates.



Yeahboi!  First bike race and first time to sport that trisuit in a race!



At the transition area.  Since everything is new for me, I did monkey-see-monkey-do, epektib!



Two of my most favorite boys in the world!, — with Matt, my very supportive boyfriend-photog, and my Kuya.

Big thanks to Mateo for these photos.


So that’s all folks!  I don’t have much time to write now, but it’s obvious from the photos I have shared:  CATHLETIC HAD SO MUCH FUN  🙂

And I must say this,



Babawi ako!!  In my next duathlon race!  — at least I hope to, LOL.




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  1. Diana said,

    Congrats, Cath! Galing mo pa rin! To more duathlons!

  2. Clah said,

    Great job, Cathy! Cheers to more duathlons! =)

  3. Ning said,

    Congrats Cathy! Ang Galing!

  4. Sarah Joan said,

    Good job Cathy!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! On to the next duathlon!!!!!! 🙂


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